About Us

Mike's Computer Shop delivers Port Alberni with superior service and always the lowest prices.  Our goal is to serve Port Alberni with products that are of the highest quality and at only the best prices.

Before you buy, come check us out. If we are not lower then our competition, we will do our best to beat any local prices.

Our Staff:

Adele Tedesco - Sales, Head Technician, & Management. Adele Tedesco joined Mike's Computer in September 2001. She then took full management position shortly after she joined. Adele has been dedicated to making Mike's Computer Shop grow and has been critical to our success. She works hard in her day to day life to ensure our customers are happy and treated the way they would like to be. Thanks to Adele, your computers and products are repaired and completed fast and accurate!

Michael Hughes - Although Mike doesn't spend all him time in the store, he is always working to help improve our products & pricing by personally picking the appropriate products for Mike's Computer Shop. Main responsibilities: Purchasing, Website Manager, Product Selection. Michael Hughes first started Mike's Computer Shop our of his home in September 2000. Since then, Mike's Computer Shop has been able to grow into a successful full time operation with a full retail storefront. 

Sarah Newton - As a part time employee, Sarah deals with our the tough stuff. Accounting, returned items, & RMAs!  To keep our books straight, Sarah deals with each individual sale to make sure everything is going as planned. Want to bring back a product? or have a faulty product?  Each faulty or returned product is organized through Sarah!

Sharon Redford - Sales, Secretary, &  a BIG HELP!  To help us keep from being overwhelmed, Sharon was hired as a part time employee to organize paperwork, and answer phones. Shortly after she was hired in December 2001, she became a Full Time Employee and is now doing extremely well in Sales.  Sharon has also been crucial in order to keep us moving up!

Zack Williams - Technician & Sales. As a part time technician, Zack has been able to relieve us of those times when our work loads are too high.  Just recently hired in June 2003, we welcome Zack aboard with us!